Unclean Architect is a one man musical project based in the south of France.
Drawing influences from folk, ambient, post-rock, electronic, rock and metal music, to create soundscapes, instrumental tracks and songs.

In 2021, weeks of improvised solo acoustic guitar sessions led to the recording of the Forest EP, whose tracks finally got to be mixed, released and played live in 2023.

Later that year, I got interested in the amazing Polyend Tracker and rediscovered my soundtracking roots from the 90's, when as a young musician I produced dozens of tracks with my Atari ST and Falcon computers, using soundtrackers.
Part of these very electronic sounding and sometimes experimental Polyend Tracker sessions ended up being released on the Cities EP.

For most of 2022, I've been busy composing and recording my first solo LP, honing my audio engineering skills in the process. Wires was released in early 2023, and mixes guitar-based ambient music with electronic soundscapes and grooves.

Late 2023, I kept on re-mixing some more Polyend Tracker sessions, which were released as the Cities Pt. 2 EP in May 2024.
A single with some bonus tracks, Coherent Light was also released in May 24, with an accompanying video.

You can support me by following me on Bandcamp, and on Instagram. You can get the music through my Bandcamp, or streaming platforms.


I am not endorsed by any brand, but my favorite guitar and bass gear comes from Godin, Reverend, Larivee, Line 6 and Yamaha.

My favourite synth gear comes from Polyend, Elektron and Korg.

My favourite piece of software include Harrison Mixbus, Bitwig, AudioThing, AudioDamage, Auburn.

Linux is my OS for music production, awesome brands like Harrison, Bitwig or Reaper support this OS with great commercial products, and of course some brilliant open-source software, plugins and tools also exist, Yabridge+Wine allow me to run Windows VSTs that are not available for Linux.